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About IGB

Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt. Ltd (IGB) launched in 2018 and headquartered in Bangalore, India is a subsidiary of Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC.

Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC is a complete solution provider to scientists in the fields of life  sciences. Founded in 1999 in UAE, the experience, expertise, and commitment demonstrated by the company laid a strong foundation of growth and performance that have helped it expand its footprint significantly across the globe with a presence in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Libya.

As the company expands its portfolio with newer technologies, it has forayed into the growing market of India as Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB). Across geographies, IGB remains rooted in its value of creating excellence with regionally deployed teams and using local expertise. IGB currently represents below key life technology global partners well known for their solutions.

Hamilton offers several automated solutions for Drug Discovery, Cell-omics, Genomics, Proteomics, Therapeutics, and Diagnosis. These solutions allow the automation of key steps such as nucleic acid extraction, qPCR setup immunoassay setup, neonatal screening, and chemical/biochemical analyte identification. These solutions can be implemented for various throughputs.


We are committed to providing the latest technological advances in Life Sciences in Basic Research and Molecular Diagnostics, thereby enabling our customers in areas of translational research.


To be the preferred partner of choice in the Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics in the region.

Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd

Before completion of the human genome project (2001), most research and clinical questions were restricted to analysis of single or few genes. Post 2001, the realm of biology has moved into the era of the genome. Nowadays teams who are scientifically savvy to handle the biology, bioinformatics and the engineering components seamlessly succeed in gaining market share. Succeeding in this realm requires a company that can enable such paradigm shifts.


Beyond Installations

While it is common to see many sophisticated instrument install bases with minimal support in the region, our special mantra is to serve every install with our best. IGB prides itself on ensuring that its install bases are well supported by a dedicated team of engineers and every instrument works at its manufacturer calibrated performance.

Beyond a query

Our application support team is made up of scientists (Ph.D. and Masters) trained at the best universities in the world. Our scientists can go beyond answering simple “how to” questions to planning and executing complex projects such as the renowned Saudi Genome project.

Beyond selling products

With a portfolio of 100,000+ products and a unique geography which boasts its own cultural nuances, a successful sales force has to be able to easily handle the nuances of the product and enjoy the support and trust of its customer base. At IGB, our sales handshake is a promise of a continuing alliance with our customers reflected by the fact that most of our sales are from repeat customers who recommend our company to others!

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