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Unleash your ultimate sequencing speed

As one of the sequencers with the fastest speed among mid-low throughput in the world, DNBSEQ-G99 is developed based on MGI’s core DNBSEQ sequencing technology, enabled by innovations in biochemistry, optics, fluidics, temperature control, and other core systems. DNBSEQ-G99 is especially applicable for multiple sequencing methods, it only needs 12 hours to finish PE150 sequencing.


8~48GB per run  

Only 12 hrs for PE150 (from loading to FASTQ)         

Supports multiple read lengths, including PE50, SE100, PE150   

Applicable to multiple sequencing methods

Performance Parameter

Maximum number of Flow cells Lanes/Flow cell Effective Reads*/Flow Cell Supported Reads Lengths**** Data Output Q30** Run Time
2 1 80M SE100/PE50 8-16 G >90% 5h
PE150 24-48 G >85% 12h
APP-C SE100*** 8-16 G >90% 5h
APP-C PE150 24-48 G >85% 12h
* The effective reads are based on the sequencing of an internal standard library. Actual output may vary depending on sample type and library preparation method.
** The percentage of bases above Q30 is the average of an internal standard library over the entire run. Actual performance is affected by factors such as sample type, library quality, and insert fragment length.
*** Estimated release in 2023 Q1.
**** DNBSEQ-G99 also supports SE50 and PE100 sequencing, and the existing kits can support SE50, PE100 read length sequencing.
Method Application Recommended read length Data size Sample per Run
1 flow cell 2 flow cells
Targeted Capture/ Multiplex PCR Oncology panel PE150 Small panel: ~1Gb/Sample 24 48
Genetic disease diagnosis (small panel) PE150 Thalassemia: ~0.2M/Sample Deafiness: ~5Gb/Sample 4 8
ATOPlex panel PE100, PE150 Respiratory tract panel: 5M/Sample COVID-19 panel: 5M/Sample 16 32
WES PE150 15Gb/Sample 1-2 2-4
Methylation Oncology targeted methylation panel PE150 ~5Gb/Sample 4 8
Small Genome Sequencing Metagenomics for pathogen detection SE50, SE100 Meta: 20M/Sampple 4 8
Microbial WGS PE100, PE150 Single bacterium: ~1Gb/Sample 16-24 32-48
LOW pass whole-genome sequencing NIPT SE35 ~10M/Sample 8 16
Transcriptome sequencing RNA-Seq SE50, PE100, PE150 Expression profiling: ~1Gb/Sample Transcriptome: ~8Gb/Sample 2-4 4-8

Ordering Information

Cat. No Product Name
900-000607-00 DNBSEQ-G99RS
900-000609-00 DNBSEQ-G99ARS
940-000409-00 High-throughput Sequencing Set (G99 SM FCL SE100/PE50)
940-000410-00 High-throughput Sequencing Set (G99 SM FCL PE150)
940-000413-00 High-throughput Sequencing Set (G99 SM FCL APP-C PE150)
940-000624-00 DNBSEQ-G99RS Cleaning Reagent Kit
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