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LGC Clinical Diagnostics

LGC Clinical Diagnostics​

LGC Clinical Diagnostics: A Global Partner for NGS Reference Materials and Controls

Introduction to LGC Clinical Diagnostics

LGC is a leading global IVD & life science tools company – Providing mission-critical components and solutions for high-growth application areas across the human healthcare and applied market segments. Our high-quality product portfolio is comprised of tools for genomic analysis and for quality assurance applications.

Clinical Genomics Capabilities

Flexible, Highly-Multiplexed Reference Materials to Expedite NGS Assay Development and Validation.


    • Biosynthetic spike-in technology: Any clinically relevant variant and variant types: SNV, INDEL, CNV, SV, or RNA fusion

    • Multiplex controls: Provide a rich source of data in a single run at a low cost

    • Patient-like material: Performance similar to clinical samples in multiple formats (DNA/RNA in buffer, ctDNA in buffer/plasma, FFPE), proven in a wide range of NGS and molecular assays

    • Highly customizable: Expedite assay development, validation, QC and Proficiency Testing (EQA)

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