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Lexogen’s RNA/DNA Defender​

The RNA/DNA Defender Solution rapidly permeates tissues and cells and stabilizes contained RNA and DNA molecules. Preserving RNA molecules in samples is crucial for maintaining the gene expression profile. RNA/DNA Defender Solution enables temporary storage of the specimen at temperatures where normally RNA degradation would occur, eliminating the need to snap-freeze the samples or to process them immediately.

For RNA extraction after storage, the tissue has to be removed from the solution and processed as instructed by a method of choice. We recommend Lexogen’s SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit for the extraction of high-quality RNA for demanding downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing. The SPLIT RNA Extraction User Guide lists different extraction protocols for different sample types.

RNA/DNA Defender Solution can be used for most animal and plant tissues and cultured cells. However, depending on the specimen, downstream RNA extraction protocols will differ and need to be adjusted by the user.


Kit Components and Storage Conditions


Upon receiving the RNA/DNA Defender Solution, store bottle at room temperature.

NOTE: Check the RNA/DNA Defender Solution before use, as it may precipitate during shipping and storage. If a precipitate is visible, incubate at 37 °C with agitation until the precipitate
dissolves completely.

User-Supplied Consumables and Equipment

Ensure that you have all of the necessary material and equipment before beginning the procedure. All reagents, equipment, and labware must be free of nucleases and nucleic acid contamination.

Reagents / Solutions

RNA extraction method or kit of choice. We recommend Lexogen’s SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit



• Calibrated single-channel pipettes for handling 10 µl to 1,000 µl volumes
• Precision balance


• Sterile scalpel, tweezers, and gauze pad
• Suitable pipette tips (pipette tips with aerosol barriers recommended)
• 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml tubes with cap, low binding, certified ribonuclease-free

Optional Equipment and Reagents

• Bench-top centrifuge (3,000 x g, rotor compatible with 1.5 ml tubes) for harvesting cell culture samples
• Thermocycler
• Bench-top cooler or ice pellets in ice box (for short-term storage of RNA)
• Vortex mixer
• Phosphate Buffered Saline (1x PBS)

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