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Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) or deep sequencing or high throughput sequencing methodology provides enormous data at shorter turnaround and cost effective than Sanger sequencing.  IGB offers NGS technology with higher accuracy, reduced duplicate rates and reduced index hopping from MGI tech.

MGI Tech offers NGS technology various DNA sequencing instruments and reagents using DNA Nanoball (DNBs).  DNA Nano Ball sequencing utilizes the Rolling circle replication to amplify the small fragments of genomic DNA to DNA nanoballs. The nanoball libraires are absorbed onto patterned array flow cells and each dNTP’s incorporations were imaged by CCD Camera.

IGB offers various application including from Reproductive health, WGS, WES, microbial detection, Tumor detections including BRCA, ALK, NRG1, RET, ROS fusions and variations etc, Molecular breeding in plants, WGS in plants, Whole transcriptome and RNA- sequencing in association with MGI sequencing technologies.

NGS sequencers

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